Saving Myself From Myself For Myself

I’ve been really trying to focus on myself lately which is something I’m coming to realize that I’ve never done. I like to have my alone time and I get it regularly but I’ve begun to notice that my me-time is spent doing things for other people. I’m doing homework for class, I’m cleaning the apartment for my OCD, I’m making phone calls for work for the upcoming week, and I’m taking time to just lay on the couch and be a bum for an hour and then being annoyed with myself for it (I know that makes me sound crazy but I mean, if the shoe fits…). But guess what? It may come as no surprise that I don’t like doing homework, cleaning annoys me, and my job can wait until I’m at my job. And if I’m spending my me-time on other people and things then what the hell is the point?! I understand that things need to be done like homework and cleaning but why am I incorporating those things into the time I want to spend on whatever I want to do?

What I’m trying to say is that I can’t just relax and be okay with not being super productive for a few hours out of a Monday. I can’t just go get lunch by myself when I have the day off to try that new restaurant downtown because that would take up at least an hour that I should be spending doing god knows what for god knows who AND HEAVEN FORBID. I used to think I was so productive and just better than everyone else when I got my homework done before the due date (rare) or had a clean apartment to come home to or could report back to my boss that I did the work that he didn’t want to do and passed off to me out of sheer laziness but I’ve come to realize that productivity isn’t synonymous with happiness; and I know that may sound like a no brainer to you but for someone that spends a lot of time and energy on being productive, that’s one hell of a wake up call.

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Current Favorites | February 2017


*pretends like I haven’t been AWOL from the blog for three months (but ohmygodhaveimissedyou)*

It’s been a hot second since I’ve done a favorites (aka however many hot seconds are in nine months since that’s how long it’s been since I’ve done one (I’m sure anyone that’s pregnant/has been pregnant will tell me that there a lot of hot seconds in nine months (completely off topic (no I’m not pregnant holy shit this took a turn)))) and so here I am. These are the things that I’m currently obsessed with and I’ve continually shoved down my friends and family and even some strangers’ throats for the past month, and for some reason even that isn’t enough for me so now I’m blogging about them! Woo!

And that paragraph has either made you happy that I’m back on the blog and made you realize you missed me too *sniff* or made you realize you never really liked this blog anyway and you’re already gone LOL but if you’re here for the long haul then grab a coffee because I have exceeded my usual limit of five and we might be here for a while. That being said, let’s do dis thang.

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Thankful for A Holiday To Be Thankful On


I, as I’m assuming many people do, have a tendency to focus on the bad and the ugly and forget about the good. I’m not saying that I’m a ball of negative energy but I’m certainly not a ball of sunshine and rainbows 24/7. That being said, what better time to embrace the good than Thanksgiving?! My friends in high school and I used to go around the table and say what we were thankful for before every meal we ate together and I loved that; it forced us all to take a minute and consciously be thankful for something in that moment. I’m annoyed at the fact that it has to be a holiday for me to write down what I’m thankful for since then but hey, self improvement has to start somewhere.

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RANT: The Dirty P Word


Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wife! Cover the children’s ears and brace yourselves because I’m going to say it… Politics. Let me start this by making one thing clear: I do not give a f$#k about politics. Hillary, Donald, Kanye 2020; whatever happens we’re screwed. I couldn’t care less about the presidential candidates or what’s going on with them because let’s face it, no matter how much everyone tells you “your vote matters!!!!!”, it doesn’t. And before I get balls deep into this post I want to make one more thing clear: I do not want to hear your opinions or views or anything out of you. I am here to rant and that is what I’m going to do and you are going to LIKE IT OR LEAVE.

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It’s Time To Waste Your Time | 10.5.16 WVW


Read that last paragraph again.

And again.


I think about time a lot. It’s something I try not to dwell on because it’s hella depressing but when it sneaks past the barrier it comes in full force. For the sake of the rest of this post, I’ll let myself go there. We all have very limited time on our hands. In the aspect of life as a whole, our time is minuscule. We’re born, we struggle through some hard times and embrace some good times and then we die. It really is that simple. All of these fancy outfits and makeup trends and billion-dollar jobs won’t mean a damn thing when time runs out, and it’s easy to get sucked into that “life is pointless” black hole.\

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#sorrynotsorry 9.28.16 | WVW



Welcome Friends! I’m starting a new series on here (series (n.): Brooke’s way of forcing herself to post at least once a week) that I’m calling Word Vomit Wednesday, or WVW (because acronyms raise curiosity to read more and also, would you click on something that says Word Vomit Wednesday? idk). Because of the fact that I could/do sit on the internet and look at quotes/people’s writings all damn day, I’ve decided to share some of the good ones, and now I can justify the hours I spend online doing exactly that; it’s for the blog it’s for my people.

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What’s In My Mouth? | Vlog

Happy Monday!

So I’m still not on track with blogging (lord help me) but I hate going weeks without a post so here’s a lil’ something for you 🙂

Alyson and I filmed a challenge video earlier in July that I’ve been meaning to share so here it is! We had a ton of fun doing it and I laugh every time I watch it (you’ll see why– she’s hilarious). I hope you love it! I’ll be back soon with something you can actually read LOL

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

UPDATE: 8.25.16

It’s 12:35am on a Wednesday night (Thursday morning?) and I’m awake editing a vlog of a weekend trip to Virginia Beach because I had coffee and cookies with my roommate about two hours ago (and let me tell you, caffeine works wonders on me).

First of all, HI! It’s been exactly 44 days since my last blog post and I’m not proud of that. I’m here to blog and dammit that’s what I’m going to do. I can’t justify my hiatus because quite frankly I’ve only been AWOL due to lack of inspiration and even more slack in the time management department. No life-altering changes or traumas, just my own laziness and inability to muster up my own inspiration. That being said, a lot has happened in those 44 days. This blog post is going to be a stream of consciousness (shout out to all of my Grace Helbig fans) aka I’m just going to throw-up a life update on you. So welcome to that.

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5 Ways to Pay It Forward (and Quit Being An Asshole)

Guess what? The world sucks. It sucks a lot. I find it hard to stay up-to-date with the news anymore because it’s so damn depressing, and I hate that. It’s hard to leave the house and know you have a 50/50 chance of coming back home. I hate that we’re being segregated again because of race, religion, political views, and sex preferences. It’s funny because everyone loves to talk about how far we’ve come, how much more accepting the world is now and how little race matters in today’s society, yet people are judged and bullied and killed because of something as uncontrollable as their skin color. I have some news for you–if you strip away all of that bullshit that we’re letting separate us you’ll find the same thing underneath it all: beating hearts, racing minds and the desire to be accepted as we are. Everyone has the same mechanics on the inside and therefore no one is more or less entitled to embrace who they are and therefore no one is entitled to be an asshole to anyone else. It’s that simple.

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