About Me


Oh hi! How sweet of you to be interested in my life. My name is Brooke and I’m 22. I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio and moved into a different bigger-but-still-small town in 2016 with my best friend. It’s a love-hate relationship, for both Ohio and this damn weather. I like (love(need(am addicted to))) coffee and I am, as obnoxious as it is, a vegetarian (as of April 2014, TRY AND TELL ME I DON’T HAVE WILLPOWER). I have a boyfriend that’s kick-ass (to say the least), parents that have been happily married for 34+ years, two sisters that are older than me, and a cat that I would take a bullet for.

I have this visual of me waking up at 9am everyday in my adorable pajamas, brewing a cup of coffee (black of course because I do not joke around with my coffee), and curling up in front of my computer in front of huge windows in my two story house. I’d blog all day, talk to you guys and pass ideas around, and make pretty little lunches whenever I want. I’d have two cats that don’t hate me, a cocker spaniel that came potty trained, and a husband that makes enough money for me to blog full time. But unfortunately that’s not my life or anything close to it… But that doesn’t mean I don’t love it.

I work full time at a photography studio in a different small Ohio town. I took photography in high school and spent my last two years at a vocational school where I was enrolled in the photography program. It was during this time that I realized photography really wasn’t for me, and after I graduated I decided that was the end of my photography career. After two years at McDonald’s and six months as a bank teller, I ended up back in a photography studio. That’s the most definitive moment in my life where I realized once and for all that my life is completely not up to me. Whether it be a god, the universe, or the cats in Egypt, my life is not in my hands… and I’m completely okay with that.

Along with my full-time job I also go to school full time. I’m going for journalism and have no intention of pursuing that career. Why did I choose it and why am I following through with it you ask? I wish I knew. I’m too undecided to actually change it so I’ll just keep going with it and see what happens. My college is a small community college in a different small town (are we seeing a theme here?). I could go on and on about the reasons that it annoys me but I’m debt free and will be when I graduate and that’s enough to shut me up (you’re welcome).

I spend most of my time fumbling my way through life and trying to remember my left from right (seriously how does anyone just remember that?!).


I’m sure you’re wondering what we’re both doing here. I made this blog to write and create and just breathe. This is my happy place. It’s the one time that I can sit down and just focus on something happy and not worry about what I should be doing. It’s a space for me to pour out my brain and what I have to offer, whether it’s a new fashion find, a crafty DIY project, or a vegetarian recipe. As insignificant as these things may seem, they’re the things that never fail to bring a smile to my face. I’m a person that continually needs to be inspired so I hope you’re here to get inspired and I hope I’m here to inspire both you and me.

The blog is titled Happiness and Hairpins primarily because it was one of the few URLs that weren’t already taken. It was created with my best friend who no longer is apart of this blog (for now, I’m still hopeful she’ll come back one day). After a long list of potential blog names and countless conversations about what the blog would be, we finally settled. Why on Happiness and Hairpins? Because life’s easier with both.

So let’s fumble through life together (besides, there’s safety in numbers right?). I would love for you to stay a while, maybe even drink some coffee with me as we read and write about the things that bring those little hearts into our eyes (or whatever cheesy, cliche quote that you feel fits better there).