Favorite Five: January 2018


January somehow managed to be both the longest and fastest month ever. There’s something about the fall-off after all of the holidays and celebrations are over that’s both mildly depressing and wildly satisfying, making January a month of recovery (I’ve said “I need a nap” more in the past month than I have in the past year). The week directly following New Years holds my mom and best friend’s birthdays, both of which somehow blindside me every year and make the first week of the year a continuation of the seemingly never-ending celebrations (which is both exciting and exhausting). The rest of the month, however, feels endless. While that seems like a good time to focus on your projects and your people, the winter blues are in full force which sets my ambition at an all-time low. All of that aside, I’ve come to love January (specifically this year) for the feeling of new-beginnings it brings. If you read my New Years Resolutions blog post you’d know that I set out to accomplish a lot of things in 2018 that I’ve been thinking about and chewing on for a while. Some have gone very well, some have started off slow, but I’ll be damned if I’m not still infatuated with goal-making and up-keeping. All of that being said, I’m excited to share with you my “five” favorite, can’t-live-without things for January.

parks-and-rec 1. Parks and Recreation

I’m obsessed. Like, to the point that I make time for an episode before I leave for work every morning. This is my first “Netflix binge” (unless you count Riverdale which I don’t because it was only one season) and I’m now seeing both the love and problem with it. I’m just so relatable and with the times now I don’t even know what to do with myself. For those of you who have seen/are watching Parks and Rec: I love Leslie, I think she’s my spirit animal. Ron’s laugh is probably my favorite thing on TV. I really didn’t like April when I started the show but I’ve come to low-key love her. I never cease to laugh out loud whenever anyone speaks to Jerry. Lastly, this cast and their characters are such a good mix that I’m already sad that it’s going to be over soon. If you haven’t seen it, how dare you. If you have, please comment with your favorite quotes and scenes and characters ASAP.


2. Horoscopes

My current favorite activity is reading anyone and everyone their horoscope, whether they like it or not. I’ve made an embarrassing amount of decisions based off of my horoscope this past month, all of which range anywhere from being as simple as the blog posts I’m planning to as significant as reconnecting with an ex-friend. It’s to the point that, after one of said things didn’t work out for the better, my mom had to remind me that “just because your horoscope says something doesn’t mean you have to do it.” LOOK I’M INSPIRED EASILY OKAY. I highly recommend the Daily Horoscopes app because it’s an endless pit of daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes as well as compatibility to any other sign, your sign’s characteristics, your Chinese sign and reading, even your tree and it’s reading (which I’ll admit is a bit much). Nonetheless expect some sign-related posts in the near future (that I’m aware no one is asking for but it’s my blog not yours, so).


3. This Sweatshirt and These Booties and These Boot Wipes

Three things I love more than anyone and anything: coffee (a given), cloudy, foggy days, and cold weather. I’m talking about the November days with grey skies and morning fog and really crisp weather; I could cry thinking about it. I love those days. So naturally when my roommate gives me this sweatshirt for Christmas, I fall in love. It’s so soft and so cute and if I were a sweatshirt I would be this. I wear it all of the time and it’s gone through the wash plenty since Christmas and hasn’t faded or lost any quality, and that’s not something you can say for many sweatshirts. I’m also in love with these maroon booties, a Christmas present from my parents (I have some really great gift-givers in my life). They have gold zippers up both sides and a gold detail above the heel and they’re surprisingly very comfortable AND, they make clack-y noises when you wear them. I love shoes that make clack-y noises. Honorable mention goes to the little boot rescue wipe pictured because, per usual when I get new things, I want to wear/use them immediately. So I wore these boots for approximately three weeks straight, through rain and snow and slush, and virtually ruined them OR SO I THOUGHT. I found these wipes on Amazon and they made the shoes look brand new and I’m telling you this because they’re my saving grace (and do you see how I put three things into one fashion subcategory so I could break my own rules and get more than five things in this post?).


4. Coffee Press

I am so boujee and so hip and so extra I KNOW, I’ve heard it form everyone I’ve told about my coffee press. Listen, I wanted a coffee press because I want to be boujee and extra and hip but now that I have one I can tell you that the quality of coffee I get out of this compared to a regular coffee pot is amazing. The coffee’s never burned, it’s brewed to perfection because you have total control over it, and it makes the perfect amount of coffee for two people (or two cups for one person…….). Swallow your resistance-to-conforming pride and get yourself one (another important thing to note if the little coffee mug which was another Christmas present from another friend (again, great gift-givers in my life)).


5. Brussels Sprouts (am I the only one who thinks this picture is, like, really intimate?)

WHO. AM. I. I have grown to love Brussels sprouts so much in the past month, which is a miracle considering I’ve always resented them. If you hate them (there’s a 98% chance you do), try roasting them. I’m telling you, they become a whole new vegetable when roasted. Here’s my secret recipe: roast them at 425 in the oven until they look like this picture (I roast them in olive oil, salt and pepper). When they’re done, toss them in a dressing made of olive oil, honey mustard, soy sauce, garlic powder, chipotle salt, more pepper, and maple syrup. Sometimes I use sriracha too, and you can swap out whatever seasonings you want but I’m telling you, you won’t regret giving them a try. I’ve eaten them many times and I’m still in shock that I like them as much as I do.

Lastly, my Magical Moment of January was, without a doubt, buying my new car. I replaced my 2002 Toyota Solara equipped with 190,00+ miles and failing suspension for a 2012 box and it’s like going from a station wagon to a Ferrari (at least in my eyes).

So here’s to February, a month of love and adventures in my new whip. Tell me your January favorites (even though I’m 100% sure no one will) and I’ll see you in the next post! xx


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