Resolving to Have Actual Resolutions in 2018


Every year I’m the one that has no resolutions and thinks they’re dumb, or tries to make one broad one and doesn’t accomplish it/never believes I was going to in the first place. This year, however, I’ve caught the resolution bug. Not only am I making resolutions, I’m asking people what their resolutions are AND NOT ONLY THAT, I actually care about other people’s resolutions (who am I). For some reason, 2018 just seems like a really promising year for me and everyone around me. That being said, I’m also all of the sudden a firm believer in writing things down to accomplish them (see my love for lists in the last blog post) and therefore I am here to share my goals and resolutions with you all in hopes that I’ll feel even more obligated to accomplish them (and also in hopes that you’ll share yours with me).

My first resolution is to lean more toward a plant-based diet. Before you leave this post and blog altogether, let me clarify: I cannot nor could ever be vegan. I don’t have the patience or desire for that and I love me some cheese (in all forms, and especially when Doritos are involved). If I’m going to eat anywhere with queso on the menu, I’m going to order it. If I want pizza, I’m gonna eat a double cheese pizza. That being said, there are often times that I could very easily eat a vegan meal and choose not to (i.e. I love a good vegan chili but always end up putting cheese and/or sour cream on the top), and my goal is to stop adding unnecessary amounts of fats to my meals. If there’s a way to eat a meal without making/ordering it with anything dairy-related, then I’m going to take that route.

Following the same theme, I want to start cooking more and eating out less. I want to do some meal planning for the week and then meal prep so I have no reason to not just eat what’s in the fridge. Over the last few months I’ve gotten so lazy with cooking/trying to eat whole, good, real foods and I’m feeling more and more like a slug. I need that energy from real foods so life can *maybe* stop kicking my ass. I’m in the process of putting together a kind of cookbook with a bunch of healthy recipes I find for breakfast, lunch and dinner (which I can totally share on the blog if that interests anyone), that way I have little to no way to get around meal planning and prepping.

My next resolution is to work out 4 to 5 times per week (anticipating the big virtual eye roll you’re all giving me because who doesn’t have a fitness goal for the new year). I’ve been on kind of a roll these past few months with getting my butt to the gym at least three times a week but I want to get better at it and in more of a routine so it doesn’t feel like a chore. I’ve been doing surprisingly well with treating workouts more as a time to relax and less of a chore, which has helped *tremendously* in my consistency of getting to the gym; I want to carry that mindset over to the new year. I’m also looking for any kind of help in the workout department because I’m great at cardio but not with the strength side of things so if anyone could help a girl out it would be super appreciated. I also (actually did) write “have a decent bod for summer” on my list so that’s that (like, just one ab by summer would make my life).

Switching gears, another one of my resolutions for 2018 is to read 12 books by the end of the year. That may seem underwhelming but I’ve fallen off the reading wagon so hard this past year and I hate that because I really do love reading, I’ve just been choosing not to do it. Ya girl just wants to spend some days this year curled up on the couch, fully engulfed in a good book with my cat screaming about god-knows-what in the background.

Another resolution of mine is to focus more on saving money this year and less on buying things. I’ve never been great at saving money but it’s a huge priority for me this year. Along with that, I’m also going to look at launching some kind of calligraphy business by the end of the year. I have no concrete plans for this but I want to start doing some research and figuring out what kinds of things I want to produce; any suggestions on this are absolutely welcome (prints, custom things for weddings/other events, digital downloads, etc.). I’m hoping for 2018 to be the year of saving money for future Brooke and making money doing work that makes me genuinely happy.

LASTLY (can you believe I’m still going?), I’m trying to publish *a minimum* of 24 blog posts this year. My track record for posting on this blog is not great (or good (or anything to be proud of)) but dammit I’m going to really try this year. I’ve got a list going right now of blog post topics but I would love to hear what you want from me (any and all ideas) in my little corner of the internet. My personal goals for said upcoming posts are to get more photos on these posts and more variety than the usual word-vomit posts I so love doing.

And that’s where I’m going to end it. I have more (who am I) such as traveling, saying yes to all of the adventures I stumble across this year, and moving to a new city at the end of summer, but those are loose and currently unplanned goals (but look out for some adventure posts coming your way this year). This post is for my accountability and for your pleasure, and maybe even some inspiration to get your year going with a few goals to work toward. Either way, I’ve got some big plans for the upcoming year and I can’t wait to share it with you all. xx

(ps-I asked for quite a few suggestions in this post so literally just one comment would make my life)

2 thoughts on “Resolving to Have Actual Resolutions in 2018

  1. A top 5 or 10 Books to Read list would be interesting! Or tips on how you plan to save money (i.e. trying to get someone to steal your credit card from you)

  2. I would like to start this comment by saying that 5 years ago, my New Years resolution was to give up New Years resolutions. 5 years. Down the drain. Just to appease my girlfriend (you’re a terrible influence.) SO HERE WE GO.

    1. Run 10+ miles and bike 15+ miles every week
    So I watched this video a few months ago about your mindset when it comes to achieving your goals and this guy basically said don’t set numeric goals (oops), set habitual goals (heyyyy im doing better) that lead to what you actually want. I actually want to drop a solid 25+ lbs but instead of standing on a scale every day and hating myself for still being fat, I’m just going to focus on hitting these milestones that I can actually control and watch as the results follow. Which leads me to my next one….

    2. Meal prep and bring the damn lunches to work with me
    GRILLED CHICKEN, RICE, AND EFFING TABASCO IS ALL I NEED and if I say that enough maybe I’ll start believing it. But seriously, I have a terrible habit of just going out to eat every damn day for lunch and most likely dinner and even when I go to the grocery I either forget my prepped meals in the fridge in the morning or I just never fix anything and the food goes bad and I throw it away while tonsils deep in a soft taco supreme from my first love, Taco Bell. This will also help me with my 3rd goal:

    3. Save some damn money already.
    This is the 2nd year in a row that I’ve made more money than I ever have and I’ve broken even on the year in terms of my bank account. Haven’t saved a damn dime. I have so many things I have in my mind that I’m “saving” for (a house, a new car, a life) and I have nothing to show for it. So this year, I have a set amount that I want to have in my bank account before I kiss the author of this blog as the ball drops to bring in 2019. And goddammit I’m gonna hit it. I mean after all, I’m packing my lunches now so….

    4. Break out of this complacency
    When I graduated community college, I didn’t walk, didn’t celebrate, actually rolled my eyes when my diploma came in the mail. To me, I hadn’t accomplished anything. I had simply gotten back to zero and now I could start actually acheiving things. I screwed up the first time I went to a 4-year school and the self-doubt of “hey, you’re still a screw-up don’t let these things fool you” still weighs heavy on my mind. I’ve grown complacent with my job and my place in society and I don’t want to be complacent anymore. (Wait did I just achieve that by just saying it? Sweet I’m so good at this “resolution” thing.) Basically I know that if I don’t go back and finish my bachelors degree, I’ll wake up in 30 years and wish I had and then I’ll never forgive myself. I don’t want to be that guy, the fam doesn’t want to be friends with that guy, and brooke doesn’t want to marry that guy. So I’m changing. And making steps towards getting my life fully together.

    So there are my resolutions for 2018. What do you think? Should I do more? Am I better at this while blogging thing than brooke? Should I start my own blog? Can’t wait to hear your responses!

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